Author: Jacqueline Sa

author photo 300vJacqueline has had a long career in both International Business and entrepreneurial ventures. She was the first woman expatriate staff for AT&T who held the position of Managing Director for offshore sourcing in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Jacqueline also had extensive experience throughout the Pacific Basin in key strategic roles for telecommunication projects.

Greater forces beyond the mundane, however, have always paved the way throughout her life journeys. Many years ago, Jacqueline heeded the call of Spirit to devote herself on health endeavors for body, mind and soul. She left the corporate world. She created a unique Chinese herbal boutique with the emphasis on herbal healing foods and teas. Then she co-founded a holistic day spa in the early 90s, a visionary approach in which she expressed her bio-neering spirit with her inimitable fusion of East-West natural healing modalities, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Taoist philosophy of balance and return to nature.

A Chinese-American born and raised in war-torn Vietnam, Jacqueline grew up steeped in traditions rooted in Buddhism and Chinese Medicines. The Goddess Guan Yin’s compassionate energy has been prominent throughout her life, leading her out of war traumas and overwhelming life challenges. Her adulthood was groomed in America. She worked and moved numerous times across the United States and Asia, always under Spirit’s guidance toward the next evolution of her soul’s opening.

Jacqueline’s passion is to raise awareness in social transformation for the love and care of the precious Sentience of our planet. She is a bridge between East and West, conjoining philosophies and cultures, uniting hearts of love and compassion. Her recent years have been intimately attuned to the core of Earth’s essence who guides her into specific manifestations of Spirit into Matter, and into co-creating Oneness with humanity for a new world of unity and peace.

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