Co-Publisher: Wei-Li (Roy) Nee

Wei LiWei-Li (Roy) Nee has been a firm believer in the profound meaning of the name Roots & Legends ever since Jacqueline Sa created it for her herbal boutique in the early 90s. It was Wei-Li who suggested expanding its legacy into publishing subjects of spiritual values—Roots of the destiny of humanity intertwined with legends from ancestral lineages. Wei-Li hereby has joined as publisher in manifesting this dream—to support exciting works of fiction and non-fiction, critical thoughts and reviews, and other emerging mediums hosting creative expressions of unity consciousness.

Wei-Li is a business and development entrepreneur, with creative endeavors spanning over 35 years, achieving satisfying successes from his activities. His specialty includes commercial project development, innovative design concepts and enterprise management. He also co-founded Tea Garden Springs, a holistic day spa with Jacqueline Sa in California that had won national acclaim and international recognition. He was the visionary designer of the spa healing architecture, blending harmonious sacred geometry with esthetics that supported the unleashing of potent life force of the practitioners and clients alike.

What motivates Wei-Li is his passion to liberate the initiative and the highest potential of associates and colleagues, to join with them to co-create a better, healthier, kinder and friendlier world, where people are honored and the ecology of their environment is kept sacred as a reflection of their true grace. Wei-Li has dedicated himself to integrating a path of love and compassion in his daily activities as a businessman and most importantly, as an individual.

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