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The book Exultation is consisted of seven independent erotic stories, but interwoven with a common thread of sacred union.

The Venus Encounter
Song of the Mermaid
In Guan Yin’s Rapture
The Temple Dancer
A Destined Rendezvous
Love of a Pharaoh
The Shaman’s Ecstasy

Excerpt from The Venus Encounter

Venus-Loving-250The glance she cast his way was surprisingly open and inviting, without the pretense of seduction. He was immediately enthralled; he had never met a woman with an aura of such feminine mastery. His dreamy nature took over and he started fantasizing…

When he somehow stumbled into the square, she seemed to have disappeared into thin air! With heightened anticipation of finding her again, he almost didn’t notice the surreal piazza swaying dreamily on glistening cobblestones… Before he blinked open his eyes, the stunning Beauty in blue materialized in his waltzing arms, appearing out of nowhere. He caught a startled breath, but she calmly, lovingly, and serenely looked into his eyes with an exquisite smile. Her waist elegantly swayed under the grip of his fingers…

Her semi-wet chiffon dress pressed against her slender body, revealing her sensual silhouette, with a bit of décolleté revealing the pulse of her breasts… With her back against the wall of an old building, she pulled him tightly against her body, raised her face to his, and offered him her slightly parted luscious mouth. He overtook her, avidly probing her sweet taste… He was drowning in a trance-like intoxication, releasing all the tension he had held for days in his body… He felt like a knight in shining armor, conquering dark forces in a glorious dark night, to come to prostrate in front of the queen of his heart.

Excerpt from The Shaman’s Ecstasy

7.kundalini-weaving-250He had become a fluid channel from which her pleasure flowed. The world around him turned into a whirling pool of light where he was no more. Damian cried out waves and shockwaves of climatic cascades, one topping the other... For the first time in his life, he experienced the full potency of woman in her endless shudders of pleasure. Damian sighed with an immense satisfaction: ‘if men only knew the power of a woman’s orgasm in all her glorious mystery!’

Being submerged in such an immeasurable depth of the very womb of Earth and simultaneously being her, an all-encompassing feminine eminence came alive within him. Damian’s masculine ego consciousness attained a transcendental illumination. The shamanic dream, love and sex had now integrated into an awareness of an inner feminine that was all-woman but more-than-human. Earth’s sexual heights in him brought him to a total luminescence rather than a limited male consciousness of having just fragmented knowledge of the feminine.

Beholding her sumptuous response inside his masculine potency was a phenomenon of planetary magnificence meeting divine brilliance through human awareness. Her amalgamation into him became a mind-altering and transformative psychic force, an assimilation of male-female fullness within himself. Damian understood in that moment of bliss why men, since time immemorial, had the insatiable obsession to possess women and land. It was the primal yearning to come home to the oneness with All There Is. No material possessions could ever quench their thirst or stop their furious acts of greed in plundering and ravaging resources until they came to prostrate before the All Feminine as he did that day.

Excerpts from The Temple Dancer

4.Temple-Dancer-250While softly humming a chant, she gently bestrode him and started to erotically peel off her filmy clothes in languid movements. She swayed provocatively as she dabbed sandalwood and bergamot oils around her breasts, on her inner thighs… He was deliriously aroused and he was desperate to possess her. Her teasing eyes welcomed his lust and expressed how much she yearned for him too. Her rhythm was graceful and provocative. She moved with an elegant certainty of owning her feminine power… His whole body was agonizingly on fire; he could not wait a moment longer. He needed to deeply penetrate her in body and in spirit. He grabbed her hungrily and entered her with the force of an erupting volcano…

He surrendered and released all the repressed feelings of the months of nightmarish atrocities and intoxicating victories. He let flow the tears he couldn’t shed for the innocent lives taken in the name of defending the land and the kingdom that he had pledged his life to. Their sacred mating had always been the pinnacle of his redemption. Their sexual rapture was the summit of a united prayer for divine forgiveness to the perpetual cycles of wars and bloodsheds… She mystically embodied heavenly bliss and grounded earthiness. In her arms he felt safe… 

Her adoring response to him and her compassionate kindness enraptured him from the first time he laid eyes on her; since then he felt an enduring love for her. But she did not belong to him. She belonged to the Temple of Love, where she willingly served with her sexual ecstasy. She danced for the unbounded life of the Divine Feminine, for Mother Earth and all her sentient beings. These maidens abided only by the divine laws of sovereignty in sacred union and not by any conventional mores…

Original illustrations © 2014 Tory Elena

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