Jacqueline bridges the gap between the physical and the spiritual in her stories of the sensual, sacred union with the Divine. The stories span many eons and exalt the enlightened human consciousness as the author weaves an intricate web of sensual love, unfinished projects from past lives, and pacts with the Divine Spirit. In the end the stories unite the male and female into being one with the Divinity.

Sa's stories hail from many cultures, and a majority of them are written from the male's point of view. In the story called "Venus Encounter," a man called Ethan on a business trip in Venice has an ethereal, sexual encounter with the Goddess Venus, while in the story called "In Guan Yin's Rapture," a young man called Blake meets a beautiful woman on his work team while working in China. She is the earthly embodiment of the Chinese Goddess of compassion, Guan Yin. In the "Love of a Pharaoh," a young woman on a spiritual trip in Egypt is visited in her dreams by a handsome pharaoh, who teaches her about love and their union with the Divine. At the end of the encounter with these celestial beings, the man emerges as an enlightened person, ready to help the Earth with his wit and invention, thus connecting to the Divine Feminine that is Lady Earth and becoming one with her.

The book is engaging, and elegantly written, and it would make a great addition to anyone's bookshelf.

—Caroline Blaha-Black, The US Review of Books


The erotic novels by Jacqueline Sa are like no others. They place the sexual experiences of us humans in a force field of attraction that breaks the confines of our every day normality.

For everyone whose heart resonates with the multitude of levels of entities in this creation, these novels of all encompassing eroticism serve for guidance to the much-needed birth of a new world.

—Carl Johan Calleman, Author of The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness and The Purposeful Universe


Jacqueline Sa writes stories that transcend the human-created dichotomy between the physical and the spiritual, the sensual and the Divine. The stories take the erotic and bring it back to its ultimate, spiritual home, resulting in tales that will make you think about the very nature of reality and sex, while allowing your heart to soar beyond eroticism to explosions of passionate enlightenment.

—Donald Michael Kraig, Author of Modern Sex Magick


Jacqueline Sa is one of those rare individuals who, in the midst of life, has never forgotten who she truly is. This knowledge of her spiritual identity and mission shines through on every page. Exultation is an extraordinary work, graced by Sa's highly sensual and intuitive style. The book weaves a beautiful panorama of tales that stretch across all boundaries of time and space, from Venice to ancient China and Egypt and around the globe. Each one brings to light a different aspect of the eternal feminine and masculine. Cumulatively, the stories build to an unveiling of a higher, sacred form of union where Unity Consciousness naturally flourishes, "when true love triumphs beyond bondage and beyond limited concepts of romantic love."

—Julia Price, writer, artist, Author of Remembering Wholeness and Reflections


Exultation is a very good and sound book.  It is the contemporary child of the work of Anais Nin and Henry Miller in the 20th Century, of James Joyce and others who revealed the transcendent truths, states of mind, and reality of human existence grounded in human sexuality.  More recently, for those who have long fought for freedom of expression and at the same time to raise the level of erotic literature to its rightful place in the artistic world, this book follows directly in the footsteps of the Yellow Silk journal of more recent history.  The essential truths in the highest forms of erotic art, literature, sculpture, painting and otherwise, harken all the way back to classic Greece, the Renaissance and the ever present European history of human aspirations to be rid of the tyranny of sin, and hatred, between the sexes or in general, as the measure of spiritual wholeness and health.  Instead, as have all the great erotic works of human artistic productivity, Exultation locates and delivers to the reader the experience and understanding of the transcendental and spiritual dimensions that can arise from the human sexual condition.  The tantric practitioners, the Greek humanism and Renaissance humanists all were the historic predecessors of this kind of work.  It is, therefore, not only a sound book and enjoyable and easy to read, but it is an important book as it fulfills a role and plays a part in keeping human life human, instead of trying to contain and reduce it to a set of rules of simplistic and fundamentally anti-human religious or secular values.  The ultimate transcendences available in our everyday world are experienced in a set of short stories that go way beyond the limits of a description of relations between a man and a woman, that reach to a timeless space of wonder and awe where all human minds stand at the threshold of the universal and eternal unknown but revealed experience of mystical unification with not just another person, but the universe, time and history themselves.

—Anonymous, Attorney


The book Exultation is a sublime effort dissolving the “division of the sexes.”  Moreover, the author, Sa, invites readers to reunite our spirituality with sexuality as opposed to the conventional view that sexuality should be sterilized from our spirituality.

One may want to read it with the imaginative mind. While the reasoning mind may appreciate the provocative plots of these short stories, reading them with the imaginative mind one may start picking up subtle symbols, meanings, or messages...  Intuitively, I’ve sensed a few esoteric meanings and spiritual phenomena hiding in these stories.  

For example, in the tale Song of the Mermaid, during the last sexual encounter with the mermaid, Justin’s feeling is described “as ecstatic as the King of Kings.” Although the term King of Kings is a title being used by numerous monarchs, I suspected that, here, it is referring to Jesus.  Esoteric books speak about Jesus’ sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene.  Through sexual rites, Mary prepared Jesus for his resurrection by building the strength of his Ka or light body.  Perhaps Sa is hinting that through a love union between the Divine Masculine and Feminine, one is able to transform the limited mortal state into the omnipresence of the Higher Self.

There are plenty of esoteric messages throughout the book similar to the example I provided above. But sometimes I would just pick up a wave of warm and soothing energy from reading... I take this as a sign of a powerful spiritual book.  Because of the subtle, sublime, and personal ways that this book has touched me, it has become an important tool in my healing journey.
Although these are stand-alone stories, I am fond of how Sa organized them so her message becomes increasingly apparent towards the end of the book.  Furthermore, I really appreciate Sa’s interpretations of the foreign and indigenous cultures that were mentioned.  Not only is it fascinating to read about other cultures, the book has helped me to become even more sensitive and compassionate toward them.  

Exultation is invigorating and enchanting... I imagine anyone with an interest in esoteric spirituality would find it worthwhile, especially readers who are working on integrating sexuality with spirituality.  Just read it with an imaginative mind, surrender to the texts, and they will take you on a mystical adventure into cosmic sexuality.

—Blue Lotus, Reviewer at Amazon (go to to read full review)

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