In her stories, Jacqueline takes us on a journey in which the veil between dimensions opens to reveal profound beauty and ecstatic pathos. An indivisible union permeates everything in her stories, from the physical landscape to the men and women in them. These stories are messengers of a new possibility, a new prototype for man and woman's love communion, whose passion is a quintessential sacred act of devotion and surrender to the Soul. It is a difficult task to describe unity when our language itself is one of duality. Jacqueline does so beautifully when, as an impartial witness and scribe, she tells the stories as if someone who honors humanity deeply has dictated them. This is her gift, a gift that helps women remember their innate being as "Queen of Hearts” and for men, a gift that respects, validates, and deeply appreciates their nature as lovers, healers and conduits of transformation.

—Shobhana LaBella, Intuitive Counselor, Transformational Coach

Within every sacredly portrayed story of Jacqueline Sa's book, one feels guided through the ethers of Great Mystery. Important knowledge and wisdom are shared—unique ancient messages that serve as guidance to life in these fast-evolving times are revealed... Exquisite words of sexual delight invoke sensations of feelings that take one away from the mundane physical. One senses the integration of one’s heart with the other dimensions of spiritual union... One feels absorbed and enriched with an inner understanding of life's new consciousness that is emanating from the ancient roots of the universe’s Tree of Life.

—Sean Caulfield, Artist of sacred rock art, Africa


Exultation is an exquisitely captivating book. Jacqueline's use of poetic language and magnificently sculpted imagery creates a perfect ladder for the reader to ascend through the characters journey. Exultation relates to all generations as it accesses a deep universal memory of love and compassion.

--Tory Elena, Musician and Artist

The natural world manifests through the tantric union of the male and female potencies of creation. It is this divine communion that defines the quintessence of our spiritual identity. Jacqueline translates this Human potential into beautiful stories. 

—Juliet and Jiva Carter, Co-Authors of The Template and Worldbridger

The seven divine erotic tales in Exultation are the new Seven Wonders of the World, heralding the new Heaven and Earth.  Sting sings "love is the 7th wave," and this book is the leading edge crest of that wave, accelerating us into a revolutionary era of union and creation in 2012.  Don't be left behind in the stagnant old order.  Surf this tsunami of healing, radical love with Jacqueline into impossible beauty and rapture.
—Bob Shine, Uni-verse poet and artist of life and love

Exultation - The very word as defined in the dictionary means the art or condition of rejoicing greatly.  Many of us need to "rejoice greatly" that author Jacqueline Sa has fulfilled her pledge to write about ending the divisions of the sexes, and that our longing for union that our hearts have carried for eons can now be realized.  This book is immensely rich with layered textures of knowledge and wisdom that could only be brought forth at this time. When you read this book you will know the meaning and feeling of true rejoicing.
—Karen Schneider, MA, DCH, Teacher-Therapist-Healer-Minister

The author lets us face the conflict of passion and expression… between fantasy and reality... that resonates in all of us. Until you allow this internal conflict to resolve itself with acceptance and feel victory in the true sense of emotional freedom, will you develop a passion for the whole of life that is there for all of us.

Jacqueline allows us to feel a path to this resolution that is exciting, passionate, and above all, our right as spiritual and physical human beings.
—Patrick Murray, Corporate Executive

For millennia, yogis practice the art of union, unifying all elements. Jacqueline brings this age-old concept, which the West has not embraced to the forefront. Awakening our deep desire to be whole, by uniting the male and female unconditionally, we find our true selves in each other.

—Irene Kai, Author of Golden Mountain

Jacqueline Sa takes us into the heart of our own desire and opens us there.  She transmutes flesh to spirit, spirit to flesh and turns you on in the telling of the tale.  

—Ross Kersey, Expanded Sexual Awareness course leader

Exultation: Erotic Tales of Divine Union is an outstanding collection of exotic stories that transport the readers into a dream space, where men meet their goddesses, see her glory and beauty… The women remember their divine femininity—as sexual, sensual beings in flesh. A great book for anyone who is interested in exploring spiritual eroticism.

Jimmei Hu, Psychic Counselor

Exultation has several wonderful aspects—the prose is a perfect vehicle for relating the content. It provides solid descriptive qualities that make attention captive for both the   erotic content (especially) and the background portrayal of context in which all occurs. The reading is easy and the style as well as the content makes it quite difficult to put down the book until a story has been completed. I congratulate Jacqueline Sa on these well developed and portrayed gems.

—Rick Contestabile, Software Engineer and Consultant


The Magic of Synchronicity

I am so glad to have encountered this book. It manifested as a series of interwoven synchronicities in my life. During a psycho-spiritual retreat conference related to DNA knowledge in Findhorn, Scotland, one day I spotted one of the participants whom I knew, reading a book in the cafeteria at lunch time. Just a casual glimpse at the book’s cover gave me chills. I couldn’t quite express my feeling in that moment, I just knew something meaningful had happened inside of me.

Later in the afternoon, I joined in a group of people surrounding a Chinese woman in the garden, who was about to start reading a poem from a book she was holding in her hand. With a soothing voice, she started reading a deeply meaningful poem from it. In that instant, I was transported back to some familiar ancient times, with the poet right in front of me. I am Chinese myself, but it was the first time I listened directly from a poet, and in English! Upon finishing, she closed her book. I was startled to recognize that it was the book that I saw earlier in the cafeteria that so impacted me, and to realize that the poet was the author herself, who was attending the same retreat! I was filled with gratitude for such a beautiful synchronicity!
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—Kammy Blue Ling, Spiritual Business Consultant, Hong Kong

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