Sacred Sexuality

Reflections by Jacqueline Sa


Divine Union

You are the prophet,
I am the story weaver.
You decode sacred texts,
I travel through dreamtime
Encoding our union.
You are the alchemist,
I am the medicine woman.
You distill life to its essence,
I stir the elixir.
You are the tantric Buddha
I am your devoted consort.
You shake the lightning bolt of truth,
I ring the bell of consciousness,
In divine embrace,
In ecstatic harmony.

My journey into writing Exultation started with my intimate communion with the sentience of Earth Spirit a few years ago. My transcendent encounters with her led to revelations of her aliveness in all her facets as a palpable, living soul with stunning emotions and rapturous sensuality. This World Soul, whom I have come to know empathically, is not just an esoteric concept or a poetic notion of our conscious planet. She is the all-encompassing vibrant essence that permeates through every living entity in our realm. With boundless sunlight infused into her core being, the erotic power of Sun and Earth emanates as our macro-matrix of sacred union in this three-dimensional existence, sublimely leading humanity toward fathoming the mystery of the creative potency of our Universe.

A spark within all of our hearts knows that place of light imbued in matter. The enlightened orgasmic pinnacle—conjoining heavenly bliss and earthly euphoria that many of us long for through male-female union—is a glimpse into the magic of our forever evolving Cosmos. The Soul of the World is not an illusive substance. It is the living effervescence in all of us that radiates through poetry, art, dreams, dance, meditations, bigger-than-life visions, and all enchanted encounters with spirits between dimensions—the roots of osmosis that myths and legends are made of.

Through sacred honoring of sexuality, we co-manifest an ecstatic state to lead one another Home, to the state of cosmic consciousness—the origin of all of creations. No amount of sexual heights can satiate our infinite mind and bottomless soul until we reunite with the magnificence of Source Energy. This is the alchemy of the light code, told in the tale of Love of a Pharaoh. Ultimate divine union transcends humanly ego-centered love. It becomes an eco-centered transformational process that releases our own light, therefore liberating our World Soul back into Her full glory of never-ending evolution. Lady Earth, on behalf of this macro-consciousness, elegantly bared her sentiments in the poem Earth’s Revelations during an interior locution, of which I had dutifully scribed (the full poem is shared in the Afterword of Exultation):







When my Sentience comes alive from within you,
My Sovereignty becomes you.
When you make my civil rights your civil rights,
Abuse and squandering of me will dissolve away.
Men become my lovers,
Women my manifestors.


Original illustrations © 2014 Tory Elena
Poem:  Divine Union © 2012 Jacqueline Sa

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