The Magic of Synchronicity

I am so glad to have encountered this book. It manifested as a series of interwoven synchronicities in my life. During a psycho-spiritual retreat conference related to DNA knowledge in Findhorn, Scotland, one day I spotted one of the participants whom I knew, reading a book in the cafeteria at lunch time. Just a casual glimpse at the book’s cover gave me chills. I couldn’t quite express my feeling in that moment, I just knew something meaningful had happened inside of me.

Later in the afternoon, I joined in a group of people surrounding a Chinese woman in the garden, who was about to start reading a poem from a book she was holding in her hand. With a soothing voice, she started reading a deeply meaningful poem from it. In that instant, I was transported back to some familiar ancient times, with the poet right in front of me. I am Chinese myself, but it was the first time I listened directly from a poet, and in English! Upon finishing, she closed her book. I was startled to recognize that it was the book that I saw earlier in the cafeteria that so impacted me, and to realize that the poet was the author herself, who was attending the same retreat! I was filled with gratitude for such a beautiful synchronicity!

I couldn’t help but borrow the book from my classmate in the evening. I casually flipped through the pages, and synchronistically once again, my eyes fell onto the story of “A Destined Rendez-Vous”. The tale depicted one of the most ancient indigenous tribes in China—whose lineage spanned over 6000 years old, named the Naxi tribe, and whose lifestyle I was familiar with, from my reading, research and theater shows of this ancient culture. This particular tale in the book was a love story about the belief and philosophy of love of this matrilineal culture, in which there was no conventional marriage that bound the lovers to some legal contract; only love and mutual trust permeated their cultural practices. The story wasn’t written as an introduction to the Naxi culture, but it was about the profundity of a sacred love consciousness. I felt an amazing energy rise and whirl from within the depth of me that resonated with this way of loving—it warmed my heart, and the knowing of sacred trust was a healing balm to me.

For me who rarely read novels, I was divinely ‘gifted’ a book of love in the retreat at Findhorn. Upon return to Hong Kong, I subsequently encountered in love relationships, in a series of synchronistic events, considerable challenges and transformation. I have also come across current day’s twin flames and soulmate lovers. I listened to their stories, of which so much was in alignment with the portrayals of love in this book. This is not a book of mere fictions, expounding on the abstract idealism of love stories. The sacredness of the love described actually exists in real life, in yours and my heart, in mutual energetic weaving and communing, though seemingly invisible.

The stories in this book are not ordinary sweet romances. The transcendence in each of the tales is otherworldly. The exquisite words challenge our imagination to go beyond the perceptions of reality, and inspire us to feel into the power of love coursing through our veins and circulating back out into the world. This book invites us to feel deeply into the capacity of divine love within, not in the mundane ways of pledging love.

This sacred love is our natural essence. From a book such as this, we are being sparked and activated back into connecting with the knowing within our DNA. We all say that we will find love when the empathy is symbiotic between two people, at the right time, at the right place. But in actuality, our DNA has all the memories of this divine love in all of our lifetimes. We just have forgotten, and that we all yearn to retrieve.

Once again, I am so grateful to have experienced such intimate moments with this book. It is so therapeutic for our times. I have read and reread it, reminding myself that Love is from within. It doesn’t matter where we are at in this radiant light of Love—destiny weaves its magic, in all its twists and turns.

--Kammy Blue Ling, Spiritual Business Consultant, Hong Kong

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